Friday, April 1, 2011

Tater Update

I have pictures here to show how the taters are doing so far this year. The first picture is the first one I planted in a tire. My first attempt at tire taters. It looks rough but that's is due to the temperature and lack of water in the mound. It was bone dry so I added water. Its late in the day so the sun won't fry the leaves.

This second picture is the second tire tater.

Here is the tater I planted in the ground to compare the growth to above ground tire planting. See how it is similar in size to the second tire planting. Its just a little smaller.

 Here is the tater in the ground I didn't think made it. Its small but its trying to survive. Just last week I was planning on placing an above ground bed here to plant other items. Now I'm gonna have to put up a barrier to keep the dirt from over taking it until its bigger. The above ground bed will be placed here anyhow. Plan on doing that tomorrow.

To my surprise a cantaloupe plant is fighting to live too. Its wilted some however so I'll have to keep an eye on it to see if it survives. I have some cantaloupe seed from last year I dried and placed in a clean cool whip container. I didn't know it but moisture got inside and molded the seeds where some cantaloupe residue remained. Lesson learned for me. Completely clean seed. I didn't think we would get to use them anyhow due to financial conditions but we decided to try a garden anyhow this year.

Garlic plant in the ground isn't looking to good either but I have hope for it. I have two in pots that look better with one looking like it may do well.

Even though it rained some here this past week, I'm maintaining a watering schedule because the rain doesn't soak into the ground well. Its mostly clay and since it doesn't hold moisture well I decided to go ahead and build a raised bed this year.

More to come as things get done.

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