Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damage To The Food Supply

I'm sorry plants in the garden
Broken but not forgotten
Smashed and not repairable
Eaten and not recoverable

This weekend we are watching the dogs of a coworker and from that little attempt at a rhyme, we lost some today. One of the dogs thought it would be a good idea to trudge through the raised bed. The dirt isn't compacted any and many of the plants are not big enough to survive dogs. Looks like some beans, bell pepper, cucumber, and mater plants were destroyed. Luckily its early enough we should be able to get a harvest if we replant quickly.

Because of school work and these dogs I didn't get out to pick up any dirt today to start another raised bed. Looks like that will be put off a little while longer but that's not good since the tater plants need more dirt to cover where they have grown. If I wait to long I may not get to fill the tires anymore. Its a waiting game. This is a busy week for us here. My wife has had to work long hours and an extra day a week. Of course the place where we were gonna get dirt is closed on Sundays so maybe soon.

Another issue, the plants are getting big enough for rabbits to be a concern. I'll have to figure out what I'm gonna do to keep them wascally wabbits away from my food.

Well that's it for now unless I think of another thought. In the words of a late great, Good Day!

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