Monday, April 4, 2011


Early this morning when it was still dark out, we had a descent rain. Just enough to soak the raised bed without drowning everything. It did point out a problem that I hope will not be an issue here. Since the raised bed is a mix between top soil and cow manure it holds water very well. Once the plants are growing it won't be a problem but for now it looked like a mud pit.

I will definitely need to consider this because a heavy rain could wash out the dirt or drown the plants. I may have to re-think the cardboard bottom or consider a small drainage ditch. For now I'm just gonna let it go and see how it does. Its still an experiment for us to see if this is a better option.

This past Sunday I planted spearmint. Spearmint has been my white whale since we moved into this house and started gardening several years ago. Every year I try to grow it from seed and every year I fail for some reason or other. I can usually get it to about three inches or so before it dies off for some reason. Today I got in and the container had been tipped over, by the wind I assume. Three other pots sitting around it, one hanging up, and various containers sitting around and only the container I had spearmint in tipped and dumped its contents on the ground. What crappy luck. Since I didn't plant all the seeds I put more soil in the same pot and placed a few seeds in. This time I'll see how they start indoors then transfer it outside.

Worm bed still looks good. Found more very tiny baby worms wriggling around inside the bin. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can eventually start another bin using the ones from this one but they are slow at reproducing. Take a peek. First glance you see the larger worm but a close look reveals tiny brown worms too. Its to hard to make out in this pic but their is also baby white worms moving around. I couldn't seem to get a good pic of them though.

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