Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Another Update

So far things look pretty good. I had to add more dirt to the tire taters today, the cantaloupe have surprised me by sprouting many more seeds than I thought were viable, lettuce in a hanging basket has started, and the raised beds are starting to show life. Grass in the yard is still dead with mostly just the weeds showing life but oh well water goes to what I want to eat not what looks good. Texas is always a thirsty state with each piece fighting over water rights and now trying to get water pumped in from other states. Oh what fun.

Now we need to count the days and get an estimate of when things should be ready to start harvesting. Another seven or eight weeks we may see flowers if all goes well then the taters will be about ready to come out. The other items may be able to harvest in May. What needs to be pulled will while others will continue to produce until the end of summer. As room comes available I think we'll take a chance and replant to see if we can get another harvest. Maybe we'll get some more for winter. Whooo Hooo.
Tire Taters Growing quick. Thats real good.

Cardboard added to help stop some of the grass and weeds from choking it out. Mostly clay here.

There's two things growing here more in other spots. Maybe that one on left isn't grass.

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