Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Raised Bed Update and other

Just watered the raised bed and boy was it dry. I thought for sure it would retain moisture better than it does. Guess I'll have to go ahead with my plan and lay newspaper down to keep the water where its needed. I'll try and get that going this week. I put it off hoping I wouldn't have to, at least until the plants popped up, but it looks as though I should lay it down now. Otherwise we may not have any plants at all. We're trying different ways of gardening this year so hopefully something will work for us.

I was considering get a chick or two and building a chicken tractor but due to conflicts with neighbors, its probably best I don't. Would really have liked to restart the learning process with some layers. We've had issues with the neighbor kid shooting things with his BB gun but in this neighborhood nobody knows anything unless it directly affects them. Seems to be better just to try and get out when we can and not waste money on a moving target for the delinquent.

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