Sunday, April 10, 2011

Compost Bin

Day late in posting this. The wife and I decided to take a night for us and have a date. Just the movie and food thing. Nothing fancy.
Anyhow, yesterday morning I got it into my head that we should go ahead and build the compost bin. I've talked about it for a year or two but haven't bought one nor built one, til now. Before this I had just thrown scraps into the yard and weeds I'd pulled by hand into a corner of the back yard. Same place I now have this compost bin.

It was made simply out of wood pallets. We tore some apart but that took to long and many were in bad shape so we just broke off one side and I nailed them together like this. The side facing you is not nailed but resting against the rest. I'll decided how to keeping it standing later but I don't want it permanently fixed. I'll probably just tie it off with loops just to hold it up in the wind. It doesn't need to be strong just last for a couple years. We don't plan to live here past that if we can sell the house but with the market in the dumps we may have hold on to this place for five or ten more years. Yikes. A small suburban house is not the best way to raise food or protect yourself in a survival situation. Too many people and too many of those people that are trouble in descent times. Take a guess how they'll be if things were to really get bad.

 Here we have a squash coming up to look out at the world. Oh you should see how much it has grown. Today we watered it which got some of the dirt off and made it settle around the plant. Really hoping for a good harvest, small but good.

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