Saturday, April 2, 2011

Raised Bed Gardening

This year to combat the clay ground and dry weather, we decided to build a raised bed. I have here pictures of how we did it and I'll let you know what I planted. Firstly I bought 4 cedar fence planks and braces to connect them. Here is the beginning.

To keep the weeds out we put down cardboard. The cardboard will also keep the dirt in the contained area and not allow the nutrients to seep away into the ground. The top right corner has a tater that I protected with a cardboard shroud to allow it to grow larger. Once it gets eight inches tall I'll add six inches of dirt.
 And here is the final product after planting but before watering. We used a mix of cow manure and top soil. Hopefully things will pan out and my house hold will get a good crop. We planted lettuce, cucumber, mater, spinach, string beans, bell peppers, and squash. Due to the weather here in Texas I've set a watering schedule of every two days to make sure the plants have enough water. Previous gardens have failed relying on rainfall. This sure isn't like the east coast where I'm used to letting the Earth provide for the plants. We will monitor the soil to see if the watering schedule can be amended to every three or maybe four days.

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