Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dry Ground

Storms have raged through the U.S. the last few days but here in central Texas we only got a few sprinkles. Not enough to quench the thirst of this dry land. I decided today that watering every two days isn't enough without a change. The raised bed is just too dry. The cardboard on the bottom isn't holding enough moisture for the bed. So today we tossed some cedar mulch on the bed to help retain moisture but more will be needed. The other problem is many of the plants have not popped up yet which could be due to lack of water. Our row of beans are up except for the ones destroyed by our company, dogs.

The tire taters are doing good. I added more dirt and manure today but found that when I added water, it found a pocket that didn't have dirt in it. The water opened a hole on one side of the tire. I didn't have any dirt to fill it in so I used the remainder of the cedar mulch to keep it dark and prevent the taters from seeing the sun. Much more dirt is needed. We're looking to start another bed but I still need a yard and a half of dirt for that and a few other things.

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