Sunday, January 30, 2011


This post deals with traffic in and around cities. Currently I reside near a city and it is not a good place to be. Those that live in or near cities know how traffic can be. Crowded streets and aggressive driving are the norm. Many people I know that grew up in cities don't mind the traffic. To them aggressive driving is the only kind of driving. The problem is that this type of driving causes many people to break the law and cause wrecks. I say wrecks and not accidents because individuals that drive in this manner know that it is not safe and could cause problems.
    I am not a fan of drivers that pull out in front of you when your doing 60 mph and decide you can slow down in time for them. It ticks me off to no end because the cops here in Texas don't care. They'll either not show up and let the drivers have at it or blame to driver that rear ended the idiot that pulled out. Another irritation is the drivers that are on the cell phone or text while driving. Not only do they vary their speed while driving from 45 mph to 70 mph, they also break constantly and swerve into the lane thats occupied by others.
    I enjoy open roads with few drivers because I don't have to worry about those other idiots. If I see a few drivers I can wave and hope to get a wave back. Its just much more relaxing to drive without the need to constantly watch the driver that has the cell phone out or the wobbles. A relaxing drive with fewer drivers is also a good way to start the day when heading to work. The mind is relaxed and, in my case, I feel happy and ready to start the day. Alas, the country is shrinking. More and more people are being born which is good but causes the planet to suffer due to the increased strain of providing necessities and space for living. Most cities I've been to cannot handle the number of drivers on the road and to me public transportation is riddled with too many compounded problems. Thats another topic in itself however. On the brighter side of public transportation, the more people that take it the more room on the road for me.

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