Thursday, March 10, 2011

Garden Prep

Here in south Texas its time to prepare and plant. Most of the cold weather is gone and the ground didn't get cold enough to prevent plants from growing. I've got weeds in my yard that grew all winter even. Blasted things made it to where I had to mow during the winter. Now that spring is here, unofficially, its time to break out the shovel, turn over the soil, and drop some seeds. This year I've decided to reduce my ambitions and make an attempt at growing just a few items. Previous years have resulted in good plant growth but poor harvests where little to nothing was picked due to drought or rodent infestation. A few years ago the rats were so bad they would move in and eat everything out of the garden including chewing on the stems of plants. The rats were up to 7 in long not including tail. Nasty things that were very problematic. This year there has been an increase in wild cats in the neighborhood so rats shouldn't be a problem. Gonna just take it easy and see how things go. The soil has been checked and its good but almost totally clay. Not the kind of ground I'm used to. For three years I've tried to grow a garden here with no success. This season its gonna be different.

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