Saturday, January 22, 2011


The necessity of college in today's society has been greatly exaggerated in my opinion. I have had jobs that require college degrees but had none. The training was the same and I did well at the job. I can see where certain fields have a need to go to school first such as medical or engineering. Both of those require knowledge that would take too long to learn on the job and be dangerous to boot since most jobs in those categories deal with human lives, directly or indirectly.
I learned today that the land I want to farm is going to be worked by another farmer. The land needs lime according to him and he would like to start immediately. He was given the go ahead so now I wonder what other changes and amendments will be needed to get the land self sustainable and void of all the chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are used on it by sharecroppers. Looking forward to the days when I can work the land the way I see fit and not rely on others to take care of it whilst I'm away. Must finish college and sell the house I have, soon.

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