Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It seems big brother is trying to take another little slice of pie. The article "Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet "Kill Switch"" from CBS news says that the bill was originally put forth the middle of 2010 but has had some changes made. As if the government wasn't big enough, it now wants to install a "switch" to control the flow of information on the internet and they included a provision that would prevent judicial review for its use. A representative of the people needs to be able to review all actions of government. I am NOT anti-government but I am against unchecked government. I understand a need for military servers and certain financial servers to have a means of disconnecting from the net if cyber threats are bad enough. Computer hacking is an issue right now. Many financial institutions are being hacked and personal information stolen. All people should be alarmed. Its well documented that China likes to steal from America. Speaking of China, they have features in place to control access flow in their country. Are we seeing something similar being implemented here? We really need to improve computer security here not transfer more control to the hungry.

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