Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of Union Address - My Take

Watching the state of union of address felt like I was watching a movie. After every sentence people would clap and about a third to half of the 80 applause sessions including standing up. I'm not big on such activities for everything that is spoken. The State of the Union Address was supposed to inspire America and encourage us to feel positive about the future of this country. Not make me wonder how much it cost to hire the guy with the sign that said clap or standing ovation. There were many yes men in the crowd who cooed after every word but many faces could be seen that appeared to just stay with the crowd so as not to be singled out. They stood, clapped, and sat down without losing the frown or stone face they held before standing.
It was interesting that Texas has passed measures to let go of many teachers and is talking about shutting down schools, yet the speech included a sentence requesting more individuals become teachers to improve the quality of the youth in this country. Teachers are needed but it will take more than someone lecturing, parenting is needed as well. I've noticed parents don't raise youngins like they used to be raised. Punishment is now such things as, "Don't do that, I love you!" I know first hand cause I've seen this one used, didn't work.
Also in the speech was comments about keeping more educated immigrants in the country. Hmmm, if we wouldn't give them free education then we could save money there. Why keep immigrants in the country when citizens can't get jobs here. I know, I know. People argue that they do the jobs Americans don't want or their people too. Yea yea. If the jobs are there then someone will take them. Its not gonna be like we will have head hunters at the border yelling, "toilet cleaner position open." Immigration reform is needed but its a dead horse that rots with time and there is no way to make it work again. There are just too many involved and no one willing to take the necessary steps to fix the issue.
I agree with things that were said but I don't have the warm and fuzzy inside about our future. Talk says that jobs are recovering and the economy has rebounded some. However, what many don't say is that the number of jobs created compared to the number jobs lost is very small. Many people are working multiple jobs or still in danger of losing what they have because of reduced wages. Politicians talk talk talk cause its what they do. We have high hopes for new ones that "we elect" but it seems its business as usual with new faces. Most of the time from what I've seen, politicians do whats best for their pocket which may include reelection. I back the president because he is the icon of the nation. We all have to support him because if he fails we fail. I want him to succeed as president but on the terms of the people not his terms.
Hearing government talk of reorganizing the government causes my forehead to sweat and nervous switch to develop. I'll definitely have to keep my ears to the grindstone on this one to keep myself from being caught off guard. Will the changes include tax reform with reduction in national debt? Extreme high debt means tax increases. We all know its coming. We hate it but its the truth. Gov will never stop spending on things that are not needed. We need government to work for the people not against us to increase their power. No one person can do it all, not even the president.

What was your take on it?

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