Friday, March 16, 2012

Garden Time

The winter here in Texas has been extremely mild, almost hot. The weeds are growing great but not the grass. Today I added homemade compost to the raised bed in the hopes that the crop will be much better. Last season we got very little from the garden. Through the winter I had one tater plant sprout up unexpectedly in the garden and three others I nursed in pots. All four are in the garden but the one that grew through the winter has started to look rough. It may not make it to harvest time.
Hopefully I'll plant seed tomorrow. Most Texans started their gardens about 3 weeks ago. I'm way behind. Gonna plant the same as last year since we had seed left over. Today however I replanted my herb garden because the winter killed it. I also planted mint again. Mint has been one item I can get to start but it refuses to grow to a usable size. All the plants die once they get to about two inches tall. That's it for now. Later.

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