Sunday, October 16, 2011

Long Time

It's been a long time now since my last post. Things came up and this blog fell by the way side. There hasn't been a whole lot to write in it as far as the gardening plots go. Out of all that we planted, we got a few measly taters and a couple squash. The drought destroyed our plants and using city water to water twice a week did nothing but keep the plants alive.

The cantaloupe would start growing on the vine but would die before reaching a harvest-able size. I ended up just leaving them where they are to let them fertilize the ground instead of tossing them into the compost bin.

Speaking of compost bin, ours is doing fairly well. That is, with exception of the cracks in the ground which opened up around and in the bin. The drought has dried the clay filled ground so bad that its cracking and causing problems. Anyhow, the bin has become a collection of scraps that should be good for the garden next year. I'll toss most of it in whether its fully composted or not. The garden needs it I'm sure.

Lets go raaaaiiin, lets goooo.

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